If you are looking for a reliable and straightforward way to calculate IPR Recordals costs, our Recordals Portal brings transparency and precision into the tangled world of fee structures for recordal projects worldwide. Our new Recordals Portal is a web application offering you a comprehensive comfortable and highly secure environment to calculate accurate cost estimates for the recordal of changes in national patent or trademark registers.

As our client, you can register for free. You can create quotations for numerous types of recordal actions, list and save the quotations you’ve created and manage your user account in a simple and hassle-free manner. You will receive the latest official fees checked by our International Recordals Department and by our trusted network of agents, for all PTOs worldwide, all in one database.

The Recordals Portal enables you to create quotations in three easy steps:

Enter your project details

Submit the details of the IPR Recordal action and IPR type you would like to create a cost estimate for. You can view quotations for patents, designs and trademarks (including applications), for the following recordal actions: assignment, availability of license, cancelation of license, change of name, change of address, license agreement and company merger.

Configure the IPR type combination

In this step, you can add additional information to your quotation by using the description field, where you will specify the jurisdiction and the number of IP rights concerned (patents, designs, trademarks, etc.). You can group multiple recordal actions for different IP rights in a single quotation, enjoying a total cost calculation for larger projects such as company take-overs and mergers.

View & save your quotation

Having submitted all your quotation details, the quotation visualization panel enables you to view the costs split by official and agent fees, and Dennemeyer service fees. Disbursements such as postage, courier fees and other administrative costs are displayed separately upon clicking on the magnifying glass in the right-hand side of the screen. This allows for the better calculation and estimation of the total project. You can also download your Recordal Cost Estimate in PDF form and save it on your computer. You can retrieve all your quotations at a later stage, by accessing the “List quotations” sub-menu of your account.

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